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Visual Studio 2010


The next version of Visual Studio is Visual Studio 2010 and the next version of .Net Framework is .Net 4.0.

There are two major features of Visual Studio 2010.

  1. Cloud Development : Microsoft Announced Windows Azure, The comprehensive cloud environment on Oct 27 2008. With Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio you can build, debug and deploy services and applications for Windows Azure.
  2. Parallel Programming : Microsoft is committed to simplify parallel programming for both native and managed code developers, so they can safely and productively build robust, scalable and responsive applications.

Microsoft® Visual Studio 2010® bears the stamp of Microsoft’s commitment and provides a solid foundation for the parallel age. Its significant improvements to the core platform and tools for both native and managed applications offer developers improved confidence, simplicity, and productivity in producing parallel applications. It will include the following:

  • Visual Studio IDE support for parallel programming
  • Parallel Pattern Library: Native C++ libraries that use lambda functions and align well with STL
  • Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework: Librarybased support for imperative data and task parallelism via the Task Parallel Library, support for declarative data parallelism via PLINQ, and work coordination and managing hared state via the Coordination Data Structures
  • Concurrency Runtime: Resource management of the multicore hardware and task scheduling
  • Parallel debugging windows which will provide a view of tasks running in the application, and a graphical view of parallel call stacks.
  • Parallel profiling views which will give developers an understanding of their application’s core utilization, thread behavior and contention blocking, and thread execution pattern per core.

Some highlights

  • The editor in Visual Studio 2010 has been rebuilt using WPF
  • One Click Deployment
  • Inline Call hierarchy
  • Sharepoint Development
  • C++ Development

Among the great new functionality in Visual Studio Team System 2010:

  • Discover and identify existing code assets and architecture with the new Architecture Explorer.
  • Design and share multiple diagram types, including use case, activity and sequence diagrams.
  • Improve testing efforts with tooling for better documentation of test scenarios and more thorough collection of test data.
  • Identify and run only the tests impacted by a code change easily with the new Test Impact View.
  • Enhanced version control capabilities including gated check-in, branch visualization and build workflow.


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