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Transfer Files using Wireless Network

If you want to transfer the files between two laptops having Wireless enabled on both the laptops, then setting up network between the laptops will take 1 min maximum.
All you need to have is two laptops(minimum) with Wireless enabled on both the laptops.
  • Turn on Wireless on both the laptops.
  • In this setup, One laptop will be acting as Wireless Access point for the other laptops.
  • Click Start and go to Control Panel.

Open Network and Sharing Center

Click on Setup Wireless Network.
Create a Wireless Adhoc network, with a specific name and type of Security you want.
Security type recommended is W2PA.
If you are very much sure of security that only your friends will connect to the network then you can leave the Security as Open.
If you have specified the security as W2PA, then you need to enter the Security Phrase which is a minimum of 26 characters. (Example : 12345678900987654321abcdef)
Now in the Second Laptop, Click on Start and Click Connect To…

Now search for the Wireless networks in the range.
You will find the above created network. Connect to the network.
Enter the Security phrase if Security type is W2PA.
You are done, by setting up the network and connecting the two laptops with Wireless Connection. Now Transfer the files using IP Messenger. You can download IP Messnger from here .

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