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Charge your cellphone battery in seconds

The wait is over. US Researchers create a revolutionary battery that recharges in seconds.

The days of waiting hours to charge a mobile phone could soon be history, Thanks to US Researchers, who have created a revolutionary battery that recharges in seconds instead of several hours.

MIT Engineers have created a kind of beltway that allows for the rapid transit of electrical enrgy trough a well-known battery material, an advance that could usher in smaller, lighter batteries, reports Nature journal. Researchers at MIT didn't use any new material to develop the battery. What they did was simply change the way the electricity is transmitted into the battery. State-of-the-art lithium rechargeable batteries have very high energy densities. They are good at storing large amount of charge. The tradeoff is that they have relatively slow power rates; they are sluggish at gaining and discharging that energy.

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