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Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8


Microsoft officials at the company's MIX09 conference said, IE 8 would become available for download from the Internet Explorer 8 web site at 9 a.m. pacific time on March 19.

According to News, Microsoft also is announcing that there are more than 500 new add-ons for IE 8 in the way of accelerators, web slices and visual search.

Accelerators are a form of selection-based search that enables a user to invoke an online service from any other page using only the mouse. Accelerators eliminate the need to copy and paste content between web pages. IE8 specifies an X M L-based encoding that enables a web application or web service to be invoked as an Accelerator service. Web Slices are snippets of an entire page that a user can subscribe to. Web Slices will be kept updated by the browser automatically, and can be viewed directly from the browser's Favorites bar, complete with graphics and visuals.

The key priorities of IE8 are :
  1. Security
  2. Easy of Use
  3. Improvements in RSS
  4. CSS
  5. AJAX
According to a Microsoft fact sheet, here are the ways Internet Explorer 8 makes browsing faster and easier:
  • Smart Address Bar
  • Tab Groups
  • Redesigned New Tab Page
  • Reopen Last Browsing Session
  • Enhanced Find On Page
  • Find On Page
  • Result count
  • Result highlighting
  • Slipstream installation => Deploying IE8 with Windows Vista
  • Simplified Internet Explorer Administration Kit => To help IT Pros in deploying IE8 easily
  • Advanced Printing
  • Easy Search box
  • RSS Feeds
  • Page Zoom
Coming to Security, IE8 comes with variety of features like InPrivate Browsing, InPrivate Filtering etc., to ensure that History, temporary Internet files and cookies are not recorded on a PC after browsing.

You can Download Internet Explorer 8 from below link

Download IE 8 \m/

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