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Microsoft Announced Windows 7 SKU's

In January Windows has announced the beta version of Windows 7 for public testing.
Now In February,
Microsoft has announced the Windows 7 SKU's

  1. Windows 7 Enterprise (for VL customers)

  2. Windows 7 Professional (Businesses)

  3. Windows 7 Ultimate (Enthusiast)

  4. Windows 7 Home Premium (Most home users)

  5. Windows 7 Home Basic (emerging markets only)

  6. Windows 7 Starter ( OEM only for certain hardware – netbooks)

Features of Windows 7 :

  1. Windows 7 is going to be superset of the Older versions of Windows OS. This is to help the earlier Windows OS Customers directly to upgrade with Windows 7 and use the existing features as well.

  2. Windows 7 is designed for different set of hardwares. Ex: Notebook-PCs, Gaming Desktops.

  3. Windows 7 Home Premium is the recommended choice for consumers. It gives them a full-function PC experience and a visually rich environment in everything from the way they experience entertainment to the way they connect their devices.

  4. Windows 7 Professional is the recommended choice for small businesses and for people who work at home but have to operate in an IT-managed or business environment where security and productivity are critical. For those running Windows Vista Business, it will be a very logical move to Windows 7 Professional.

  5. For biggest enterprise customers, Microsoft continues to have an Enterprise edition.

  6. Windows 7 Ultimate Edition has all the features of all the editions. This is for the people who want to have experience all the flavours.

Pricing of the Windows 7 has not yet been announced. So Wait and see for the updates :)

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