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New Virus Conficker (Kido/Downadup)

There will be a widespread infection of the Conficker worm on April 1st 2009, which can infect a Microsoft Windows system from a thumb drive, a network share, or directly across the network if the system is not patched with MS08-067.

Millions of Windows-based personal computers worldwide, including thousands in China and India, have been affected by a family of network worms which goes by the name Conficker (also called Kido or Downadup).

Relevant URL(s):

Install the Microsoft Windows Patch MS08-067(KB958644).

How to check if your system is updated with Patch:
Note : Please ensure that your system Microsoft Windows Patch MS08-067(KB958644) is updated on your system. Please execute the following to check if your system is having these updates.
On Windows XP system Go to Control Panel -> Add/ Remove programs à select Show updates check box ,you will find the Security update for windows as shown below Picture 1.

On Windows Vista system Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Installed updates, You will find the security update for Windows as shown in below Picture 2.

Picture 1 ( Windows XP )

Picture 2 ( Windows Vista )
How to check if your system is infected:

The presence of a Conficker infection may be detected if you are unable to navigate to the following websites:

If you are unable to reach either of these websites, the Conficker infection may be indicated (the most current variant of Conficker interferes with queries for these sites, preventing a user from visiting them).


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