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Animated Gif's in Outlook 2007

After Installing Outlook 2007, You will find out that there won\'t be Animation of the Gif/Flash files. This is not a bug with the Outlook 2007. It is a feature that comes with Outlook 2007 which most of us found irritating.
This is as per Microsoft, Outlook 2007 wont be supporting the following features:

  1. animation of the Gif files.

  2. animation of the Flash files.

Here is the Fix how can we see the animation of the Gif/ Flash files. all you need to do is open the mail in a browser.
The steps to open the mail in browser are:

  1. Select any mail that contains the Gif/Flash files.

  2. Open the mail. (double click on the mail in Outlook 2007 which opens the mail in another Outlook window)

  3. Now on the Top Menu you can see Other Actions. Click on this.


Under the Other Actions Menu, you can find View in Browser Click on this. It opens the mail in Internet Explorer or any default browser.


Now you can see the animation of the Gif Files :)


  1. kewl stuff !! keep it up!!


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