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Features of iPhone OS 4.0

Here are new features of iPhone OS 4.0

Here is just a small list of the new features you can expect to see in the iPhone OS 4.0:

* Multitasking: This is the feature that iPhone users have wanted the most, and with OS 4.0 they finally get it. The idea seems dead simple – double tap the Home button and this brings up a task switcher. Select the app you want and it pops into the foreground. Seems simple, but it’s taken Apple a long time to get this much-wanted feature to users.

As a bonus, some applications such as those playing audio (such as Pandora) will continue to play the audio while in the background much like the iPod part of the iPhone does now.

* App folders: Group apps into folders.

* Fast app switching: Background apps aren’t really running in the background in the traditional sense, only certain aspects of them. But, when you switch from an app, its state is saved so you can quickly and easily switch back to it.

* Notifications: A notification system that allows background apps to communicate with the user.

* Updated mail app: All sorts of updates here, from multiple Exchange accounts to threaded messages.

* iBooks: Yep, read books on your iPhone and iPad.

* iAd advertising: Expect apps to get a LOT more cluttered as Apple gives developers a plugin ad module.

* 5x digital zoom: Get more zoom from your camera …

* Game center: A centralized gaming service allowing users to connect with others wanting to play games.

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