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Introduction to Informix 4GL

Hi guyz.

After a long time I am back to Blogger. I was busy these days. basically i was not in touch with the blogger.

These days I started learning Informix 4GL on UNIX.

4GL to say is a superb language in the olden days as it has Forms, Reports and Database on a single HP-Unix Server. Unlike the latest technologies which has Db on some server and Development on some other.

And the space occupied by these 4gl is very small. As it is on Unix, it doesnot require high configuration at all. 
Informix 4gl is a Fourth-Generation Programming Language(4GL). You might be wondering what is 4GL here.

If you look at the generations of Programming Languages, there are 1GL, 2GL, 3GL, 4GL, 5GL. The higher version is based on the earlier version.  
  • 1GL is a machine level programming lanugage.
  • 2GL is a generational way to categorize Assembly languages.
  • 3GL is refinement of 2GL. 3GL includes Basic, C, C++, C#, Pascal and Java. 3GL support structured programming
  • 4GL is designed to reduce programming effort, the time it takes to develop the software and the cost of software development.
  • 5GL is based on solving problems using constraints given to the program, rather than using an algo written by programmer.

 Now coming to Informix - 4GL, it is developed by Informix in 80s. It includes SQL, Forms.


 It is called as IBM Informix, as the company Informix is taken over by IBM in 2000.

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